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Services / Programs - Air Distribution System Test & Balance

The national average on forced air systems for delivered BTUs is approximately 60% (NCI statistics). Testing determines total airflow and where the problems are. Balancing delivers the appropriate amount of airflow to a specific area.

  • Even though high efficiency equipment is installed it will not meet the rating if the ductwork is not correct. Air system testing can pinpoint the problem areas and the path to correction.
  • Duct renovation can be as simple as sealing and/or insulating. In many cases there are sizing issues, insufficient return air issues, etc.
  • Many systems are never balanced-meaning the correct volume of air is not being delivered to specific areas.
  • A complete air system test will tell us actual airflow versus required and actual BTU output versus rating. Back office support includes load calculations and floor plans to engineer the structures heat gain and loss and relate this to the test results.
  • Renovated systems are re-tested to verify results.