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Comfort Plus Program

Comfort Plus Program

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Are HVAC Maintenance Programs worth the investment?

The short answer: Yes, preventive maintenance is worth the investment. Think of your HVAC equipment as you think of your car – if it gets regular tune-ups, emergency breakdowns are avoided and the life of the equipment is extended, saving you lots of money in the long-run.

At Comfort Air Service we offer our COMFORT PLUS PROGRAM (CPP) which helps our customers in a number of ways, including:

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Priority Service
  • Greater Comfort Level
  • Increase Life of Equipment
  • Affordability  – Get a 15% Discount on all repairs!
  • No Overtime Charges – ever!
  • Maintenance Report for your Records
  • CPP Agreement is Transferable – increasing your home’s marketability

With our Comfort Plus Program, our technicians come out twice a year to complete multiple point maintenance that keeps your system working at its highest efficiency.  We provide you with a written report for you to keep.

The Comfort Air Service 38-Point Maintenance Program

Here are just some of the many services our technicians provide when they come to your home for your maintenance checkup:

  1. Test refrigerant metering device
  2. Inspect reversive valve
  3. Adjust air outlet blades and dampers
  4. Replace or clean filters
  5. Inspect electrical connections
  6. Test safety controls
  7. Analyze temperature difference
  8. Test compressor
  9. Calibrate thermostat
  10. Lubricate fan motor
  11. Inspect contactors
  12. Test capacitors and relays
  13. Prove time delay
  14. Test crankcase heater
  15. Verify refrigerant level
  16. Verify refrigerant line capacity
  17. Test high and low-pressure switches
  18. Adjust operating pressures
  19. Analyze voltage differences
  20. Analyze amperage draw
  21. Check burners
  22. Inspect furnace vent system
  23. Test for gas & combustion emissions
  24. Check blower fan tightness
  25. Analyze gas input
  26. Set manifold pressure
  27. Analyze airflow
  28. Test gas or oil valves
  29. Replace oil filters/nozzles
  30. Inspect flame baffle
  31. Clean combustion chamber
  32. Inspect for corrosion
  33. Test thermocouple
  34. Inspect motor belts and pulleys
  35. Set heat anticipator
  36. Test resistance heat
  37. Test combustions efficiency
  38. Answer any customer questions or concerns

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