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Air Distribution Test & Balance

Air Distribution Test & Balance

Comfort Air can deliver your entire ventilation solution, from initial project consultation, outlining specifications, and system design considerations.

Service Overview

Air distribution refers to the distribution of air to and from conditioned spaces within a home or building. An air distribution system includes all the many sub-components, such as fans, filters, dampers, ductwork, etc. 

Proper airflow has a lot to do with ensuring that the HVAC system works efficiently so you get the most cooling and heating for your money. To help accomplish this, the installation of zone dampers is the most appropriate solution.

Air distribution systems come in a variety of material types, for example, fiberglass and galvanized metal. Indeed there may be many different kinds of ducts within a single air distribution system.

Why do I have some rooms in my house that are always colder than other rooms?

Any unevenness in air distribution in your home can result in feeling uneven temperatures in different areas of your house.  Our Comfort Air Service air distribution system delivers the appropriate amount of airflow to a specific area.

There are a number of possible solutions to increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system and making the air distribution system work the way it was intended. As with all problems the solution isn’t always black and white and different solutions may work for different people.  

Sometimes home builders or their HVAC contractors do not consider specifically each home’s air distribution system. Builders often engineer a home-style one time and may not take into account important factors such as sun exposure. One house may face east and the exact same one down the street may face North. The builder does not increase or decrease the ducting to accommodate for this kind of exposure, which ends up creating a greater (or lesser) heat load on a particular space.

How Does Comfort Air Service Balance Your System?

When we get a call from a customer telling us that they have some areas of their home that will be warmer than the rest of the house in the summer or colder than the rest of the house in the winter, we begin our diagnostics by checking the air distribution system. 

This means we begin with the most obvious and easily corrected areas like registers and mounted dampers.  Adjusting all the registers in the space may solve the issue quickly.  

If there continues to be an issue, we will look carefully at the HVAC ductwork and how it was installed and run throughout the space. Sometimes this is easily corrected by simply relocating the problem ductwork to a  new spot of the plenum box. We may simply need to install balancing dampers at the outlet of each air supply drop.

Zoning system and Zoning controls. 

At Comfort Air Service we understand the best ways to regulate and redirect air to specific areas of the home.  This allows for the creation of customized temperature zones throughout the home to increase comfort and efficiency.

Can Comfort Air Service Add Zones to an Existing HVAC System?

Absolutely.  At Comfort Air Service our team of experienced and highly qualified technicians know how to add zones to an existing HVAC system in the most efficient and economical manner.  

We will test your system to determine the total airflow and where the problems are. We will then design a system of balancing that delivers the appropriate amount of airflow to a specific area.

If you have recently installed a new system, it is important to note that:

  • Even though high-efficiency equipment is installed it will not meet the rating if the ductwork is not correct. Air system testing can pinpoint the problem areas and the path to correction.
  • Duct renovation can be as simple as sealing and/or insulating. In many cases, there are sizing issues, insufficient return air issues, etc.
  • Many systems are never balanced-meaning the correct volume of air is not being delivered to specific areas.
  • A complete air system test will tell us actual airflow versus required and actual BTU output versus rating. Back office support includes load calculations and floor plans to engineer the structures heat gain and loss and relate this to the test results.
  • Renovated systems are re-tested to verify results.

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