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HVAC Technician

General Info

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Minimum Years of Experience Required: 3 Years
  • Minimum Years of Education Required: High School/GED
  • Willing to Travel
  • Speciality: Commercial, Residential
  • Relocation Assistance is available
  • Must be Authorized to Work in the US

Company Info

Since 1984 Comfort Air Service, LLC has been providing a full range of services for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Comfort Air Service specializes in energy efficient replacements, upgrades and select new construction including oil and gas products, heat pumps, indoor air quality, geothermal systems, solar systems, tank-less hot water systems and air systems test and balance.

Job Description

The HVAC Service Technician will provide excellent customer service while performing a variety of residential HVAC service work. Technicians will need to provide technical explanations to non-technical clients.

Job Duties

  • Perform service and/or repairs to customer heating and cooling units and peripheral equipment on site or in the shop.
  • Install new heating and cooling units to code
  • Must be capable of performing a thorough and accurate HVAC inspection and communicating findings to the client
  • Asking for payment and collecting money and getting financing approved for clients
  • Perform physical duties such as climb ladders and work in close spaces
  • Maintain excellent customer relations at all times
  • Complete all paperwork in a timely manner so that it can be read and understood by office personnel.
  • Must present a professional image by arriving on time, wearing company uniforms, being neat, and well groomed.

Job Requirements

  • 3 years of residential HVAC service experience
  • EPA Universal and Journeyman License preferred
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Completion of High School or equivalent
  • Must have a clean driving record and valid license


  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Service vehicle provided
  • Paid training
  • Education reimbursement
  • Company uniforms
  • Lap top Provided
  • Cell phone
  • Gas Benefit

Installation Technician

Job Description

Serve the customers of the company by installing heating and air conditioning systems with an emphasis on quality installations, performed efficiently and following all applicable local and national codes. Maintaining a reputation for quality installations is imperative as the replacement department represents a substantial portion of our total revenue and much of our business is driven through referral and repeat customers. Keep the customer informed of what you are doing, when you are doing it and how it will be done. Take pride in your work.

Job Summary and Responsibilities

  • Complete all required paperwork in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Be safety conscious and follow all safety guidelines that apply.
  • Drive your vehicle in a safe and courteous manner.
  • Complete all residential replacement jobs in one day
  • Work with and learn from all lead installers you will be working with.
  • Maintain a minimum production level.
  • Always wear “booties” or “floorsavers” to every job.
  • Always use dropcloths to prevent damage to customer’s floors
  • Keep truck neat and clean both inside and out to exhibit a positive company image.
  • Keep management informed of problems/issues that may arise.
  • Learn product features and benefits.
  • Attend company or vendor training as required.
  • Exhibit professional conduct at all times, whether at the job site or driving company vehicles.

Download pre-employment application.

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