Comfort Air is making your health & safety our top priority.
We're Your Comfort Company.

About Comfort Air

Our goal is to provide comfort and peace of mind to all of our residential and commercial customers. Our trained technicians provide HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair that is both affordable and reliable.

Our Organization

Comfort Air Service has been providing heating and cooling solutions since 1984. A dedicated field staff provides service, repair and replacement choices of virtually all types of systems. Technicians are State licensed, EPA Certified and certified in a range of protocols including Air Test and Balance, Carbon Monoxide Testing, Combustion Analysis and various manufacturers programs.

Our Solutions

Comfort Air Service specializes in energy efficient replacements, upgrades and select new construction including oil and gas products, heat pumps, indoor air quality (IAQ), geothermal systems, solar systems, tank-less hot water systems and air systems test and balance. We offer comprehensive maintenance programs to keep your systems operating at peak performance. Our field services are supported by office staff dedicated to providing design, engineering and support to the community. Call on us 24/7 at 410-822-5588.

Our History

The company was established in 1984 by Mark H. Johnson who currently serves as President. Starting as a marine air conditioning and refrigeration service company, the company expanded into residential and commercial service and sales in 1989. This expansion was continued in the form of an Aire Serve franchise in 1994 combining the marine company and the residential company under Aire Serve Eastern Shore. In 1998 the company again became an independent contractor divesting the Aire Serve franchise and combining the two divisions under Comfort Air Service. 1999 brought about the divesture of the marine division so the focus could be brought to bear on the residential/commercial operations. The company’s current location was also purchased in 1999. The company was incorporated in 2004. Beginning in 2006 the company became a member of NCI and obtained training and certifications in air test and balance, carbon monoxide testing, and combustion testing. In 2008 the company became a member of the Nexstar Network, a customer service focused contractor group. Training and re-certification are ongoing and part of the company culture.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be recognized as the leader in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning trade services in our community. Through continuous improvement we are committed to providing the highest quality service exceeding our customers needs and expectations. We are dedicated to excellence serving our customers, community and co-workers.

Our Code of Ethics

Comfort Air Service upholds itself to high expectations of the company, the staff and the customers. We believe that we not only have a professional responsibility, but also a social responsibility in each and every service we provide.

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